Stay informed. Stay connected.

22 04 2010

One of your responsibilities as a post-secondary student and an adult (yes, an adult) is to remain informed about current events. Many people skip over the news sections of newspapers and websites to get to the juicy celebrity gossip and sports info. Depending on your career, entertainment and sports news might play a significant role. However, overall current events and world affairs have a major impact on society, culture and business.

Having a knowledge of current affairs has a positive reflection in a professional environment. Employers like people who know what’s going on in the world. It shows initiative to remain informed but also reflects a level of intellectualism. It’s also important to remain informed of local news (in your city and in your country). Doing so allows you to track and monitor current economic, political and social trends and issues that might affect the growth of your business and its industry.

A knowledge of current affairs also helps your ability to network. It’s much easier to begin a conversation about a hot topic rather than using a cliche and mundane icebreaker like “so, how about this weather.”

Stay informed is not difficult and pays off in dividends. Even watching the evening news instead of reading the newspaper is better than not seeking out any information. The more you read, the more you know and the better you read and speak. Really, it’s a win-win-win situation for your personal and professional growth.

Survival Tip: Keep up to date with current affairs.



Good-bye MacEwan blog

21 04 2010

Well this will be my final post in the Grant MacEwan Survival Guide. I would like to leave you with some parting shots to remember me by. This has been quite an exciting experience and am looking forward to the next phase of public relations career.  While the program was often stressful, I don’t know that I was truly ever bored. For sure not as often as I was at the U of A.  I have learned a ton about public relations. About where I want to go and where I don’t. What I want to be and what I don’t. I think I probably deep down knew the direction I wanted to go but after finishing the course I’m even more sure. 

I would like to thank my friends. The ones I’ve had for awhile in the course and the ones I’ve made towards the end. Without you guys, this program would’ve been a killer. I don’t know what I would’ve done without being able to crack non-stop jokes and have a good time. 

Do what you want in this career. If there is one thing I’ve learned from this course is that their is no recipe for success. Find a segment you are passionate about and work there. There are so many options and I wish you all good luck.  I look forward to hearing good things about you guys and I better get some invites to events you throw.

Lastly, to my friend James. The other half of the dynamic duo of PR. It’s time for you to come to terms with one simple fact. I am Batman and you are Robin. You are the sidekick my friend. 

Take care my friends, see you soon.

My last survival tip is this “Be yourself and you will be successful. Nobody else has what you have to offer.”

Link Yourself

21 04 2010

Everyone seems to have a Facebook and/or Twitter account. However, one way to stay connected online and further your business career is to get a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to post your resume online and create a profile for future employees to view. It’s a great way to get your name out there and interact with prominent individuals in the local and international business communities. LinkedIn also helps jump-start your networking abilities.

LinkedIn has a more professional tone than other social media. It’s a way to show peers and employers that you take yourself seriously and what you can bring to the professional table.

Survival Tip: Get a LinkedIn account!


Wait, seek and save

21 04 2010

When entering university, many students are eager to stay one step ahead. This sometimes involves heading to the bookstore before classes begin to get their textbooks. However, sometimes teachers change their minds and don’t end up using the textbook on the course lists.

When buying your books, check out some online bookstores like Indigo or Amazon. They often offer promotional deals and have cheaper prices than MacEwan’s bookstore. When shopping online, look for coupon codes to save you more money.

Survival Tip: Check with your teachers before buying your books. It could save you money.


And lastly…

21 04 2010

Hello everyone!

Well, today marks the last blog post for survival tips, and the third last day of school. How glorious!

This blog post is to wish everyone good luck in their adventures and all the success in the world! Make sure to keep in touch with everyone (maybe via our Facebook group).

We will all remember our ups and downs of this year (there were many of those). Everything went by so fast! even though it was just one year…

Well my Gmac survival tip of the day is this: Make sure to keep in touch with everyone. Although you are only with your classmates for a short part of your life, you go through the most with them so remember that and use it to build strong friendships!

Cheers to that


Night Classes

21 04 2010

Well this blogging adventure is almost over, but I’m not quite finished with the survival tips. 

Today, I want to recommend night classes. The late-night class is no longer for the part-time student (although they work well for them too), every student should consider taking at least one during their post-secondary career. 

These classes have a number of perks. First is that you only have to go to the class once a week. This can take a load off your schedule and free up time during the week to do other things. Night classes also have a great exam schedule, since exams usually take place on the last day of class. This means, there’s one less test you’ll have to worry about when the dreaded exam week rolls around. Finally, although three-hour classes seem daunting they give instructors more time and creative flexibility. This means you might get to watch movies and try some group work. 

So check out the options for night classes. MacEwan offers many night-time courses for full and part-time students. 

Survival Tip – Try taking a night class. 


Its gonna be a bright…bright…bright…bright sunshining day :)

21 04 2010

Hello everyone!

It feels so nice having this wonderful weather on our side doesn’t it? I feel so much happier when the sun is shining and it is warm outside. The sun has also made me more productive in my studying. Instead of crawling inside of my bedroom and losing contact with all outside sources for a week, I have been sitting outside on my deck with the sun beating down on me giving me motivation! It was so much more enjoyable than studying in Feb. for midterms, or December for last semesters finals.

Another great thing about having this gorgeous weather is the opportunity to make it feel like vacation. Maybe this is my own dream world type scenario but when I close my eyes and the sun is shining down on me, I picture I am back in Hawaii and my stress melts away even if for only one minute. Sometimes, it actually feels like I am there. The only thing missing is an ice-cold beer. Mm mm.

Anyways, the point of this post is to provide you with my Gmac survival tip: Take advantage of the sunshine. Don’t let it distract you, but instead let is motivate you and help you get through this awful time.

Cheers to that